I am an artist who thinks of Art not only as a powerful expression of human’s inner power on an individualistic level but rather as a social responsibility to impact and change human lives. Through the years, I have explored and experienced art in a variety of shapes and forms in order to find out which format can inaugurate this sense of responsibility in me. Among all, I found theatre and performance as the ultimate form of Art with the power to encompass any other forms such as painting, photography, video, and poetry.

Born and raised in Tehran, Iran, I got my PhD from University of Kansas, Department of Theatre, where I also completed my  MFA degree in Scenography. Before Moving to the United States, I got my BA in Playwriting from Art University in Tehran. Currently, I am an Assistant Professor in Department of Theatre & Dance at the University of Kansas where I teach undergraduate and graduate courses in Scenography. Beside Teaching, I design set, costume, and light both in educational and professional setting in Kansas City Area.



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